Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Needles and pins

Needle case
This little needle case was another quick project that jumped the queue.
I am planning a sewing box for a present and this is the start,
 along with a box of shiny pins and some 3" squares.

sewing kit- the start
I am thinking scissors, thread, felt squares and some more 3" cotton ones, buttons and a popper or two. What else is there that would be essential for an 8 year old do you think?


The garden is really coming to life now despite the recent spell of cold weather here.
We rarely get proper snow down here in Cornwall but there have been a few sharp frosts and it is definitely not time to take your tights off yet!!
The seeds are all planted and were mostly successful with Runner,
French and Broad beans already in. Courgettes and squash are up, as are the tomatoes.

Antirrhinum seedlings

These little antirrhinums are on the kitchen windowsill for some extra warmth and attention.

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