Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Just a bit more crochet...

but I will be sewing soon as I have had a trip to Truro fabrics.
Spring is definitely here and I am feeling the need for some dressmaking.

Any way before I get on to that, a bit more catch up from a week away on an estuary.
crochet hat
This is a hat that I made initially using a pattern (found on pinterest) but then heavily adapted as the original was a slouch hat that just looked silly on me- well even more silly.
The wool was given to me by Mum (thanks Mum) as leftovers from another project so I am afraid that I don't know the name of it either so I am not being very helpful here!
The bit that I did learn which was really useful was the ribbing which used fpdc and bpdc which were new ones on me. I looked them up and found that they were fairly straight forward and produced this lovely edge to the hat.

Yarn and sunshine and views of the water
There is something special about the light by the water and it was the perfect spot to sit and do some more squares for my blanket while watching the tide come in..
WIP granny squares

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