Friday, 22 April 2016

A Quick Fix..

Sometimes when there is lots going on, nothing works better than a quick fix.
I am still working on the crochet blanket and also have three bits of clothing cut out as well as four cushions to cover for the seats in our camper.
 They all seem like quite big projects for the scraps of time available for sewing at the moment so instead I decided to make a completely non-essential mat!!
Mat detail

The gentle ease of sewing some straight seams between some 3" squares is something that I hope I will always find relaxing.

Little patchwork mat

If there can be a bit of recycling of fabric, in this case old jeans, then all the better.


And a smattering of hand quilting always does the trick.


To top it off,
the sun needs to peep through so I can go out in the garden and take a few unnecessary pictures!
Happy sewing.

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