Sunday, 22 May 2016

Disaster Dress that ended up as another skirt!

I have been busy having some sewing disasters.
A dress that was just hideous- so bad in fact that it was immediately cut up and refashioned into another skirt..
Same old skirt pattern!
I love the fabric and this will get a lot of wear
along with the sixty million other ones of the same pattern!
Also I have to admit that the idea of unlined skirts and petticoats has already been reversed. They just slipped around all over the place and were generally a bit of a faff so this one is lined with navy cotton and has a concealed zip in the side seam.

I am really enjoying the posts by Karyn at makesomething which are all about homemade clothes that she is wearing every day for Me Made May.
It is so good to be able to get some inspiration and see what can be achieved.

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