Sunday, 20 November 2011

A couple more hot water bottle covers and a covered pot!!

Hot water bottle covers

I think that the wood pile is my favourite spot to photo my sewing at the moment but it does mean catching the sun as it goes down.
Two more hot water bottle covers finished ready for christmas.
Hot water bottle cover

Hot water bottle cover

Then I had a small scrap busting idea when I saw a pot that I decided to fill with the hair bobbles that I find liberally scattered around the house.
I decided it could use a sleeve..

pot revamped!

And just look at the gorgeous blue sky through the fig tree..

Blue skies through fig tree

And by the way does anyone know if I should cut those small figs off or leave them on over the winter?
I am never sure.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A tea bag wallet.

tea bag wallet fromtutorial by handmadetherapy

I have been looking at these little fellows on Flickr for a while and had a spare few minutes on sunday. It is the perfect gift for a friend who drinks lots of herbal tea and always carries her own supply just in case. I found a tutorial here by Handmadetherapy and it was easy to follow and handy to have the measurements. I swapped the elastic for a tab and button hole.
That's another present ready!

tea bag wallet fromtutorial by handmadetherapy


tea bag wallet fromtutorial by handmadetherapy

And inside!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Is that a Herd of Reindeer in the Hedge?!

A Herd of Reindeer in the Hedge!

I have now completed 9 reindeer for the fair,

Gathered Clutch from pattern by Noodlehead

And two more Gathered Clutch purses from the pattern I mentioned by Noodlehead. Well actually there were three more purses but one has already been snaffled by my daughter!
I have been putting in small pockets instead of the divider and card holder which makes them a bit quicker and I can finally say that after my fourth purse I can now do the tab ended zip bit with confidence!
It did take three partially correct ones first though, but I am hoping that a man on a galloping horse and all that..

Gathered Clutch pocket detail

And finally this weekend, I have started another couple of hot water bottle covers..


Happy sunny weekend!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Festive badges and Clutch bags.

Here are the prototypes for the school chrismas fair badges. I have been madly cutting out the bits and the only sewing involved is the nose or central button (and even the nose could be hot glued for the weanies). The eyes are made from split pins and the mouth is drawn on using a fabric marker. All the pieces are then hot glued together. The circular badges are just held together by the central button. I think that I mentioned that having done a more ambitious sewing project in the past I realised that I need to keep it simple.

Christmas badges for school fair

I have had a lovely morning of sewing today despite the awful weather outside. I have been trying out a couple of clutch bags to go with my outfit for the wedding we are going to.

Clutch purses. Top one is from a pattern by Keyka Lou Patterns and lower one from online pattern by Noodlehead.

(Photos not great sorry as the light isn't good!)
The top one is from a pattern by Keyka Lou Patterns. 

The lower one is from an online pattern for a 'Gathered Clutch' by Noodlehead.

They were both really well explained patterns and made up just as expected.
I found the zip quite tricky on the gathered clutch but I really love it and am determined to get the hang of the zips with the tab ends.
With this in mind I cut out three more last night while watching Julie Walters in The Jury!!
I think that they will make lovely presents.

More clutches to come (Noodlehead pattern)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A busy couple of weeks.

I have done little sewing over the past two weeks as we are preparing for a family wedding and it is very exciting.
I did manage to sew a little lavender bag while away..

Lavender bag

And have a stack of reindeer ready to sew into bean bags..

More reindeer on the way
I have also come up with a badge for the children to make at the fair but did not manage to get a photo before the sun went down today!