Monday, 17 April 2017

Happy Easter

Post box yarnbomb
The little bit of crochet in the last post turned into this - an Easter yarnbomb.
WIP- planning a yarnbomb
The background is the same pattern used for the Moorland blanket by Lucy of Attic 24 found here but using any scraps of green and brown that I had left over from various projects.
The daffodils are also a free pattern on Lucy's blog found here.
The little primula flowers were found here.
My Moorland blanket is nearly there now, just on the border
and will share the finished blanket soon I hope.

We have just returned from a lovely week in the Brecon beacons, walking in the mountains..
Cribyn from pen y Fan
and also taking Tally along the gentler Monmouthshire and Brecon canal..
Monmouthshire and Brecon canal

There hasn't been too much sewing going on but I did manage to finish this
dragonfly skirt for work..  
Dragonfly skirt
This photo doesn't do justice to the lovely indigo dyed cotton fabric
which I found on a trip to Totnes in a great fabric shop called Stone Fabrics.
I will try and get some better pictures when I have time!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Happy Tally

Tally, our Labrador, is 12 this year and starting to slow up. She is getting more fussy about her walks and is most definitely bored of going on the same old loops from our house. If you are lucky, she will follow you out of the garden and down the road but she stops and sniffs at every opportunity and it takes half an hour to go 100 meters!
Sometimes she just sits down at the gate and looks at you as if to say,
 "I'd rather not if that's ok".

In desperation I got out a map of the local area and looked for some local footpaths that would be new and a bit more interesting. This morning we ventured over some fields..

walking Tally
down a slope..
walking Tally
past some boats..

walking Tally
and ended up by an estuary..

walking Tally
and hey presto....happy Tally.

walking Tally
In the process we are finding some lovely new walks and seeing parts of the countryside that we would never have explored like this without her.

My sewing is a bit thin on the ground at the moment, I cant seem to decide what next.
It's not really a problem as there is plenty to do in the garden. I have a plan for this little bunch of willow canes..

 WIP- willow sticks

and the evenings are busy working slowly on my Moorland blanket..
WIP- Moorland blanket
And I have a plan for this little fellow..
WIP- planning a yarnbomb
but will share more later!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Carried away with key fobs

key fobs
I got a bit carried away with these little key fobs
but even if they don't all find keys the mini lavender bags will hang very nicely
off a coat hanger or two.

stack of mini cushions
They are like a mini cushion stack
and are brightening up yet another cloudy, blustery, wet day here in Cornwall...
tomato seedlings
as are these little beauties which are some tomato seedlings
potted on and sitting in the widow.
Half are cherry toms and the others are Coeur de Boeuf
which are the big gnarly looking ones you get in France.
I got some seeds last year in a French supermarket and thought I would give them a go.
 They are going to need a heck of a lot more sunshine than they are getting at the moment though to stand a chance of producing these.