Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Cold mornings and Warm socks

A crispy morning
It was a gorgeous crispy morning here today in Cornwall.
I was up early and took Tally out for a walk in the fields as the sun came up, crunching through the grass and even stomping in the odd puddle that had iced over.
I have been working to finish my Christmas Wreath this week
and I hope to share it soon.
In the mean time I though I would share the Pumpkin Socks mentioned here.
They are finished and ready to wrap..
crochet bed socks

Not the most fantastic looking pair of socks you have ever seen
 but I am strangely proud of having completed them!

I have never made socks before so the whole process was new to me and it was so satisfying to end up with something that was at least wearable. The pattern was fairly straight forward and can be found here at the wonderfully named Ball Hank n'Skein.
I didn't have enough wool to make them as long as the pattern but am aiming for
the "wrinkled round the ankles" warmth
rather than the "pulled up under long boots" look.
And boy are they snug and warm so look out cold toes!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Pumpkin socks

Pumpkin socks
When our children were young we read them a book called Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.
 I loved the books that rhymed like this one,
with repetitive lines that the children learned and repeated with you...
'Pumpkin Soup. The best you ever tasted. Made by the Cat who slices up the pumpkin. Made by the Squirrel who stirs in the water. Made by the duck who scoops up a pipkin of salt, and tips in just enough.’
These socks reminded me of the colours of the book and our pumpkins are still out on the garden table. This is a free sock pattern found here and is a bit of an experiment. I am not a knitter and have never tried socks before but the pattern is very good and not too bad for a beginner to follow.  
There are also a few more bits for the Christmas wreath.
A poinsettia flower, pattern here by Happy Berry Crochet, I think.
And some pine cones, pattern by Lucy of Attic24 here
and another one on a blog called In the Yarn Garden here.