Sunday, 29 April 2018

Inspired by Sue Spargo

I love the colourful work of Sue Spargo and have a beautiful 2016 Calendar which is still on the wall two years later as I can't bear to take it down. 
Looking for some hand stitching to do while watching TV now that I have finished the blanket,
 I have been playing with some circles of blanket and old jumpers...

WIP- needle case

Some of the stitches are fairly straight forward but I also found a clip here showing a couple of the more complicated ones.
WIP- needle case
I have my eye on her book of stitches and am planning to drop some hints around my birthday!!
Can't seem to find it anywhere in the UK so it will need to come a long way.

I think this may end up as a needle case as she uses various different needles which she explains in the videos and I will need somewhere to keep them all safely out of harms way. This is particularly important as we are getting a new family member this week in the form of a small chocolate puppy-
 a friend for Tally (we hope!!).

Monday, 26 March 2018

Finally Finished

Ripple Blanket
I have been working slowly on this ripple blanket for some months now. It was started back in
June 2017 as a way to use up various left overs, but adding in two shades of grey- grey and graphite.
All the yarns are double knit special by Stylecraft. 

Blabket detail
For the pattern I used the brilliant "Ripple Blanket Know-how" by Lucy from Attic 24 found here.
Thank you Lucy.
It has been one of those projects that has just slowly evolved as time allowed and
in between other makes. Perfect, especially over the winter, to pick up while watching a bit of TV or waiting in the car while doing taxi duty. You know the sort of thing.  

Rippe Blanket
Finally last week, I decided it was big enough and finished it off with a couple of rows of border.

Ripple Blanket  

Ripple Blanket
The sun came out yesterday to give me the chance of a photo or two and it is now in full use as our eldest is back from University for the Easter break, full of cold and in need of some TLC.
What better way to recuperate than under a crochet blanket on the sofa at home!!

Monday, 5 March 2018

New Coat..

Duffle coat- Pattern Burda 6987
So I finally got some pictures to show you my first attempt at making a coat.
The pattern is a Burda style 6987 and the fabric was a navy wool mix I think,
bought in the sale at Exeter Fabric Centre.
Duffle coat- Pattern Burda 6987
I wanted a loose fitting Duffle that I can sling over big jumpers and this is great. Made up in a size 14 (I am usually a 12) just to make sure it was roomy enough. Just two buttons or toggles and no button holes on this pattern. Fairly straight forward to cut out but I found it quite tricky to follow the instructions in places especially around the hood when sewing it up. Despite this I would definitely make it again when it wears out.
Duffle coat- Pattern Burda 6987
Big hood with enough space for a wooly hat underneath for the weather we have been having recently.
Coat pattern: Burda 6987

The lining covers up a multitude of seams and neatens it all off. I decided to use a polyester lining material in the sleeves, but a patterned poly cotton to line the main body of the coat. This means I can get my arms in and out more easily but still have the pretty lining.
Duffle coat- Pattern Burda 6987
The coat can be worn open in a V to the waist fastening or buttoned up like this to keep out the cold.
I think I have worn it nearly every day since it was finished two weeks ago so that says it all really.