Saturday, 23 September 2017

Eclectic Blue

True blue cushion
Just finished and now hoping to get it in the post ASAP.
As I said the cushion is for my niece and the colour was based on a quillow made for her by my Mum. I cheekily asked for the leftovers and set to work adding in scraps of linen from my stash. Linen is a favourite for making clothes and there are always bits left over from cutting out patterns so I have quite a collection and luckily much of it is blue!

After piecing together the front, I quilted it onto a piece of cotton wadding.
There was no great plan so it was very much make it up as you go along...  

As the nights are drawing in, the machine quilting was mainly done in artificial light 

but I managed to find some daylight hours to add in some hand quilting..

True blue cushion
Can't believe the cheek of this little fellow who decided to take a look! 

True blue cushion
The blue shirt used for the reverse of the cushion actually came from my brother..her Dad.. 

True blue cushion

  So all in all it was a bit of an eclectic mix,
with a big dash of love and good luck wishes in there too.
True blue cushion

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Did I mention lavender..

Lavender bags
Three lavender bags smelling wonderful with the first of this years lavender. The smell has been filling my little roof space but they are packaged up now, ready as a gift for a friend.
lavender bags
lavender bags
And here they are resting on my other work in progress..
WIP cushion cover
the start of a cushion cover for a niece who is off to Uni this week. I am a bit behind really so I have given her the cushion pad to take with her and the cover will be following in the post!
 I don't know about you but making a present like this is my way of thinking about her as she sets off on a new venture.

Mini lavender bag 
And finally this tiny lavender bag/key ring.
You may remember me making a bunch of these last year and they have been more useful than I had anticipated so there will be a few more this year too.
Mini lavender bag
Happy sewing xx

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Summer harvests

 We have been away camping and I have done very little sewing over the last few weeks but did take my crochet blanket with us for a bit of relaxing crochet. It has been dragged about a bit and I keep finding bits of grass and undergrowth caught in the stitches but they are easily pulled out.    
I am enjoying the bright summer colours mixed with the more gentle greys and this lovely ripple pattern is an old favourite. Lucy from Attic 24 has a really good pattern on her blog here.  

The apples are starting to drop now and I have been picking them up ready to take to the apple man for pressing. Every year he says that it is getting too much for him  and I just keep hoping that he will still be there next year. It is such a brilliant way to use the apples as there are only so many apple crumbles you can eat! The juice is pasteurised and keeps for ages- makes good Christmas gifts too.  
I don't mind picking up the fallen apples and am always helped by Tally who likes to chew on a few as we go along.

The other harvesting going on around here is lavender. A really good crop and so there should be plenty for making lavender bags once it is dried.  
Hope you are having a good summer too.