Sunday, 25 March 2012

Easter Bunnies for the fair.

It is nearly easter and we have a school fair next week.
 I have been asked to do the craft stall which seems to have become a bit of a habit. Having done a number of sewing projects in the past I have decided it is time for a change this year, and will be doing some paper crafts with the children (details to follow when I have worked them out!).

I have been making some easter bunny finger puppets to sell..

Rabbit finger puppets

In case anyone else has a similar task these little fellows are very simple and would be fine for older (9-10 +) children to make themselves.
finger puppet patterns

I sarted by cutting two body/head pieces from blanket, and two ears from scraps of pretty cotton fabric..

Rabbit finger puppets

Then I embroidered two eyes(french knots) and a mouth.
I hot glued a nose which was a tiny pink craft pompom.

Finally I blanket stitched round the edge of the two body/head segments, catching in the ears folded over at the base.

Rabbit finger puppets

Happy weekend.

Monday, 19 March 2012

From shirt to cushion!!

I had fun making the shirt pattern (NEWLOOK 6598) and it came together well but then it came to trying it on and I didn't match the material!

Shirt front (NEWLOOK 6598)

The reverse was really lovely..

Shirt reverse (NEWLOOK 6598)

So then knowing that I would never wear it, I decided that the only thing to do was recycle it and move on..
Cushion front

And so a cushion was made with the shirt material and some stash..

Cushion reverse

with a plain reverse that goes perfectly with the sofa!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wiggly bags.

I found this tutorial while on Flossie Teacakes and thought that it looked like a brilliant thing to do with some bits of stash.
Wiggly bags are used to hold the central line for children undergoing cancer treatment.

I have made these 5 so far but I think I will do some more as they are very easy and satisfying to do as well as being for such a worthwhile cause.

Wiggly bags

I have now got the shirt pattern and am getting there slowly.
 Florence's recent post on following pattern instructions made me laugh as I am struggling to undersatnd mine!
It is a while since I made clothes other than the odd simple skirt. I seem to remember dress patterns being a similar challenge, but that was 20 odd years ago at university!!

Anyway, I will get back to it and keep you posted.
Happy weekend.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hellebores and Horner.

I spent last weekend tidying my sewing space and it took longer than expected!
I am back now and it is a beautiful sunny spring day here.
I inherited quite a few hellebore plants in our garden and decided to put them all together under the Ash tree. They look so unexciting from above..


But underneath are hidden little gems..

Hellebore flower

Hellebore flower

Hellebore flower

Hellebore flower

Hellebore flower

Hellebore flower

I have just had a delivery of some fabric from Gone to Earth. It arrived very quickly and unfortunately the shirt pattern (ordered from another shop) took a bit longer so I am having to be patient.

The fabric is by Anna Maria Horner and I am really pleased with it.
Innocent crush First Impressions Fruit in cotton on the right, and Little Folks Voile Diamond mine Sky on the left. Shirts to follow!

New material by Anna Maria Horner from Gone to Earth.

I have jsut finished a couple of presents, another gathered clutch (pattern by Noodlehead here) although this one is a tad wonky but the recipient won't mind!

Slightly wonky gathered clutch!

And a glasses case with birds..

Glasses case

Happy weekend.