Thursday, 14 August 2014

This and that..

I took the kids round to my parents this morning and Mum gave me a bunch of Zinnia which I put into my new basket from France...
what a match!!
I also came away with a pile of fabric for my recycling pile..

I am not sure what they will be used for yet but will let you know.
The weather is a bit wet here today, but yesterday I picked these..

and made three pots of this.. 

It says 'jelly' but actually I can never be bothered with the muslin bag which takes hours.
 I just bung it through a sieve.
This gets rid of the pips which otherwise get stuck in my teeth!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Two Dragons

In the garden..

well actually in a vase on the windowsill but just picked.
These are Dhalia 'Purple Gem'.

A bee diving into the artichoke flower.

The last few flowers on a beautiful red snap dragon by the lavender-
that reminds me I need to pick some lavender for drying soon.  

And finally the red geraniums by our new red front door.
I love it.
No sewing in the last two weeks but I have been crocheting .. 


The Black Sail that I started back in April has finally been transformed into a Dragon's Tail as intended.
The pattern is by Andrea Delhey and is called Dragon's Tail and was found over at Ravelry.

I used a back four ply Wool/Nylon mix by King Cole called Zig Zag.
I bought 2 x 100g balls and just needed to start the second to finish it.

I love the way it drapes but the spines still poke out.

It is definitely the most complicated pattern I have crocheted and it needed lots of counting but I am really pleased with the result.

You can see the pattern better in this picture
 but it looks like some sort of traditional costume I think..
I prefer random draping!!