Saturday, 29 June 2013

Bringing some outdoors in

Deutzia Longifolia (just looked that up!) and a peony from the garden
I couldn't resist bringing some of this into the house to look at.
 The shrub is a deutzia longifolia (just had to look that up!) and is one inherited with the garden.
 It is just beautiful but only for a week or two.
 Unfortunately it has no scent but it makes up for that in looks I think.
 It just happens to go perfectly with a peony that is also out at just the right time.
The first dhalia of the year

This is the first dahlia of the year with some astrantia.

Elderflowers and sugar

Elderflower cordial in the making

I have been making some elderflower cordial this week.
Off to sew now!
I hope you have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ta dah

Finished pot holder.
The finished pot holder.
As described in my last post the string quilt block tutorial was found on the lovely
Simple and very satisfying tutorial and the block comes together quickly and is a brilliant way to use up some scraps.

This one's mine, but I can feel some presents coming on.
After all, everyone needs a pot holder!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

More summer colours

String quilt blocks from tutorial on blog called Film in the Fridge.
These are some blocks made using a tutorial on a brilliant blog that I have just found
The blog is full of ideas and I will be trying out other ideas I'm sure.
There is also a great section on handmade clothes which I think is really useful to see how different fabrics look when used for clothes, something I am struggling with at the moment.
She has used some really lovely fabrics and great patterns.
 I particularly like this dress here.
String quilt blocks from tutorial on blog called Film in the Fridge.
These four squares are destined to be a pot holder and I will show you the result hopefully soon. 
Granny Squares- WIP
The granny squares are growing slowly.
The stack of Granny Squares is growing steadily and matches the wild strawberries on the drive!
And I have finished another shoulder bag.. 
Shoulder bag.  Flower template from book by Poppy Treffry.
This time made from recycled jeans, some Kaffe Fassett fabric and a plain pocket with flowers appliqued onto it.
The flower pattern is the one from Poppy Treffry's book that I have used before here.

And finally, a picture of some lupins which I grew from seed 3 years ago and are just flowering their socks off at the moment.
June border with lots of lupins

Monday, 17 June 2013

Playing with colours

The next crochet project- granny squares
I have started making some Granny Squares with a view to a blanket (I think).
I played around with a few colour combination ideas to begin with and have opted for red borders and a bit of white somewhere in the square.
Will keep you posted. 
Shoulder bag for a friend
I have also been making this shoulder bag.
It wasn't easy to photograph but you get the gist.
 The handles are also black linen (left over from the dress) and are about 16" long so that it sits at about waist height if worn over the shoulder.
I like making the tabs along the bottom and playing with the colours.
Bag lining (recycled shirt) and pocket (Brandon Mably fabric)

It is lined with this orange and white striped shirt (recycled)
 with a pocket (Brandon Mably fabric). 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Busy Week

June is a busy month in this house with lots of birthdays as well as exams and courses.
I have been working on a dress which is based on an amalgamation of two patterns (I and S) from The Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori.

I wanted the basic shape of dress S with the gathering on the bodice, but I like the v-neck and sleevelessness of dress I.

So, after a bit of fiddling about, and a bit of shaping of the side seams I ended ip with this..

New dress based on an amalgamation of Dresses I and S from The Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori made in black linen.
Sorry about the photo but it's quite hard to get a photo of something you are wearing I find.
 If I had a mannequin I would use that to hang it on, but I haven't so you will have to do with me!

Dress bodice detail
The bodice worked quite well I think and it is really comfortable to wear.
I also added a lining to the skirt.
The linen creases fairly quickly (you were right Mum!) but I'm not too bothered about creases.

Cakes for a birthday tea...
Cakes for a party

 and leftover sweeties..
Leftover sweeties!
And finally a beauty from the garden this week..
 a foxglove.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Tulips in June

Tulips- in June!
These beauties are flowering their little hearts out at the moment.
The garden is just bursting into life all over with new flowers opening each day.
Wallflowers- smell lovely

I nearly pulled these 'last years' wallflowers out earlier in the year but decided to leave them dangling over the edge of the raised bed and I am so glad I did.
 The flowers are much better than last year and smell gorgeous.

Hardy geranium

Hardy geraniums are one of my favourites for filling in gaps and covering the ground so the weeds don't. They are so easy to look after with a couple of major haircuts each year being about all they require. I am hopeless on their different names and must get my book out!

Hardy geranium
The veins in the petals, and the stigma and stamens (a little biology revision going on in this house at the moment!!) are so detailed.

And finally, the first of our summer produce...hooray.

Some salad leaves and four lovely radishes!

First of this year's produce- salad leaves and radishes both grown in the green house.In the past I have tried to grow radishes outside and failed miserably as they always seem to get nibbled by something or other.
 So this time I sewed them in an old plastic window box in the greenhouse and they are fab.
 I shall definitely use that method again.

Happy weekend.


Monday, 3 June 2013

More Hooky

A lovely sunny weekend here in Cornwall and time for hooky on the beach and sitting in the back garden....bliss.

2.06.13 002

I finished 6 triangles for Lucy's collection over at Attic24 and am awaiting the postage instructions.

2.06.13 016

Then as there was still more yarn (double knit special by Stylecraft) to use up I decided to have my very own little bit of mini bunting which is hanging by the window in my bit of loft space (previously known as the study but now definitely a sewing/crafting space).

2.06.13 013

 Seen here outside on some handy scaffolding.

I think this bit of bunting will be coming camping this summer as it would look good on the tent don't you think?

2.06.13 019

And finally, again thanks to Lucy, I made a couple of these beauties.
They are Little Spring Mandala made from a tutorial by Barbara over at Made in K-Town here.

I have never really followed a tricky pattern like this, but after only one failed attempt (where I didn't count accurately and ended up with too many petals!), I managed to get it right.
It was incredibly satisfying.

2.06.13 020

So then I just had to make another!
Must go.