Wednesday, 13 April 2016

One skirt and two linings..

I am trying out a very old idea!
 Instead of lining every skirt, I have made the latest one lining free and have made two separate linings or sort of petticoats.
skirt and linings
The pattern was the same as for the skirt , New Look 6053 (used many times before), but for the linings I left off the facing and just put a binding on the top edge, a small opening in the back and a button to fasten it.  
skirt and linings
I realise this is not a new idea, in fact it's going back to how my Nan did it.
It may all go horribly wrong but I will let you know!!

The flowery blanket is coming on too and it is time to start joining it up and making some borders.
 I like this bit..
WIP flowery blanket
well that is after I have played with them and rearranged them a million times first!

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