Monday, 29 August 2011

Apple harvest.

Apple tree 2011

The apples have been fantastic this year. Two trees worth have given us 80 bottles of juice!
I think that I should definitely get on and make at least a wall hanging with my apple blocks in celebration. I have started to add some uneven log cabin as we were taught. I have gone for blue (for sky) and green (for grass and trees) which is a bit brighter than the original but I think they will be ok.
Not sure why I put the sky on the floor!!
Apple blocks with edges

The hydrangeas are out..


And there are a few blackberries in this one that will go well with the apples (but are actually there because of my lack of weeding!)

Just a few blackberries amoung the hydrangea

I have also been studying the girls for another cushion..



SM and P

Mmmmm, which one will I do next.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Pecking corn with friends.

Thanks to a kind person I have had a couple of hours P and Q this morning and after appeasing my conscience and doing some cleaning I settled down to some sewing. I have finished the Little French hen cushion and took her out to take a photo.

A Little French hen

I like the back too and even managed to get the button hole function on my Pfaff to work!
(Excuse the foot, I was trying to get the poppies in!)

cushion reverse

Then I took the Little French hen to see the new girls and they pecked corn together.

A Little French hen pecking corn with the new girls.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Apples and Sunshine..

I had a lovely day at Cowslip yesterday with my friend from Sewshoddy when we learnt how to applique apples with a view to making a quilt. I got this far..

Apples from Cowslip course

and am now wondering if I could do apples from our five trees as they are all different varieties.
They looked quite at home here..

Apples in the apple tree

I have started a little French cushion using some of the finds from holiday but haven't finished it yet..

A little French hen

And I have been harvesting the last of the lavender (leaving a clump for the bees) which looked rather pretty in this year's basket. It is becoming a bit of a tradition to bring a basket back from holiday. As to where they get put when we get home, that is a bit of  a sore point! They don't get in my way at all!!

Basket 2011!
I think it goes quite well with the lavender and helenium.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Back to the rain!

We are back from a sunny two weeks and I can confirm that the the peg bag worked fine and the sponge bag went to the beach each day with the sun creams in..

Sponge bag in use for sun creams

There was a fair bit of consuming of these ..


and this..

More tarte!

and I managed to find some of this...

Second hand fabric

and these..

French ribbon

so now I just need to do some sewing!

(Never mind the 6 tonnes of washing and sorting that probably come higher up the list of 'needs').