Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer is here.

The garden is lovely at the moment as long as you look at the flowers and not too closely at the weeds inbetween of which there are many.

These are some of my favourites..






Roses and echium

And Roses with Echium.
I haven't done alot of sewing due to lack of time, but I did manage to finish this ipad case
 (not for me, I wish I had one but I don't!)..

ipad case

ipad case

And this little chap with the first of this year's lavender
 (more about these here and here)..

Smelly Nelly lavender bag

I am off to do some packing and will be away for a while.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Leaving presents galore!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here with one thing and another.

My youngest is moving up to secondary school and there were alot of 'thank yous' to say. Instead of doing the sensible thing and going to buy a box of chocolates, I decided that they 'needed' to be hand made. And with only a week to go and three evenings out, that was a tall order. Does anyone else have these crazy ideas that seem good at the time?
Thankfully when friday morning arrived there was a good pile ready...

A pile of presents

Unfortunately the rest of my little corner of roof space looked like a bomb had hit it!!

The mess left behind

There were 8 thank you key rings..

8 thank you key rings

key ring reverses

3 glasses cases..

3 glasses cases

Three gathered clutches from the pattern by Noodlehead..

three gathered clutches from pattern by Noodlehead

and a cushion..


And now I'm off to tidy up the debris and think about what to make next.

A pile of presents

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Redcurrant jelly and Mist!


I had a real flop with my redcurrant jelly last year because it set like glue and was difficult to get out of the jar.

So this year I was determined to do better.


The jelly is much better this time and it was definitely clearer than the weather outside last week which was misty and wet.


If you want to see a shiny bright picture my friend got a much better one here.

I thought that I would try to get a picture to show it's colour on toast but someone got there before I had a chance to get the whole slice, which must be a good sign!


Phoebe fairy.

I made this bunting for my daughter's birthday.


I found a piece of material that I had saved.
 It was a piece of her curtains made about 10 years ago now, and I managed to find three of the fairy heads to go on the bunting.


Phoebe was the one with the yellow dress and pink crown, who was also painted on her wall.


The badge this year was a sort of rabbity thing.