Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bits, bobs and brooches

Hi folks and thank you for popping in.
This week I have been using up some leftovers and making some small projects.
They will probably be going towards a charity craft sale later in the year.
I like the idea of making a box of stuff that can be added to
when in need of a "small fix" of sewing, between the bigger projects.
 I used to make things for the school fair but our primary school days are now well and truly over!
First up were these brooches..

I had a shape in mind and hunted for a tutorial but couldn't find the right one, so after a bit of playing around and a few false starts these were the result. Has anyone else found a good fabric flower tutorial that I may have missed?
It's early days yet and there is a bit more experimenting to do shape wise..

The very first one was made to put on Mum's birthday present...

Next up were a pile of little 4" pockets ready to be made into lavender bags.
Most of the material is left over baby quilt fabric.  

And finally some little 4"(ish!) pincushions.. 

with recycled denim on the reverse and a little tab for decoration. The cute tab was tape given to me by a sewing friend so I'm not sure of the source, sorry.

 If anyone has any other ideas for craft sale makes,  I'd be grateful for some tips?
I hope you have a good week.
Vicky x

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Baby Quilt and Big Sister Bunting

I did it!
I managed to finish the baby quilt yesterday and braved the icy winds to get some pictures.
This one is a present for a teacher.

I based the quilt around the lovely elephant fabric which came from Fabric Rehab.  

The reverse is made from a flannelette sheet as usual.

The edge is bound with one and a half inch bias strips cut from some pale pink spotty fabric.

The Big Sister Bunting was made from some of the left over fabric and edged along the top with shop bought bias binding (2cm width).
 As the name suggests, it's for the big sister so that the baby doesn't get all the presents. I think that this maybe something close to my own daughter's heart as she was the one who kindly suggested it!

And while I was making bunting I whipped up a second row for someone who had a 50th birthday this week because I think that no one is ever too old for bunting!
This time I used some cotton webbing just folded in half along the top and I like the effect and would definitely use it again. It was 2cm width which was just right.
Happy weekend.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Winter light

I love the light here at the moment. We have been having some beautiful sunsets but you have to watch out because they don't last long, and I never seem to have my camera with me.
I am still working on my Cosy Blanket which is getting cosier by the day and is now lovely to sit under while I'm working on it.
The other work in progress is another baby quilt and some bunting and I may be able to show you more at the weekend if I get a move on! Famous last words, it's a bit busy round here at the moment.