Monday, 16 April 2012

Mellow yellow.

I don't know what it is about yellow but I never wear it and I rarely sew with it.

I have painted a kitchen yellow in our previous house and loved it.

There is lots of yellow in the garden at the moment...


Cowslips are my favourite.


Sweet scented narcissi.


Tulips (ok there is a fair amount of red in there!).


Primroses (plus a few weeds).

I think this is an epimedium but I could be wrong

I think these are epimedium but I'm not sure!

Yellow rose not out yet

And this beautiful old rose that is not quite out yet but promises great things despite being harshly pruned off the path while in full bud!!!
(I wasn't cross really. After all, he is a pretty good hedge cutter and lawn mower. And diggger overer when my back plays up. And dog walker. And assistant cleaner, cook and bottle washer.)

So may be I should sew with some yellow sometimes.

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