Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cherry Blossom Cushion

Finished cushion

The cushion is finished.
Not a great photo but I was dodging the torrential rain we have had on and off all day.

Cherry blossom shirt back

The reverse was a rather lovely pink shirt that matches the cherry blossom from our neighbour's tree.
 (I was hoping that it didn't fall off the fence into their garden at this point!).

Lucky that I got the potatoes in last weekend so they will be well watered.
(Old bed frame and sticks to keep the chickens from scrawping them up).

Potatoes are in.

Broad beans in too and they are protected by the old chicken run.
We didn't like keeping the chickens in a confined space so decided the veg could go in instead!!

Broad beans under the old chicken run.

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