Sunday, 25 March 2012

Easter Bunnies for the fair.

It is nearly easter and we have a school fair next week.
 I have been asked to do the craft stall which seems to have become a bit of a habit. Having done a number of sewing projects in the past I have decided it is time for a change this year, and will be doing some paper crafts with the children (details to follow when I have worked them out!).

I have been making some easter bunny finger puppets to sell..

Rabbit finger puppets

In case anyone else has a similar task these little fellows are very simple and would be fine for older (9-10 +) children to make themselves.
finger puppet patterns

I sarted by cutting two body/head pieces from blanket, and two ears from scraps of pretty cotton fabric..

Rabbit finger puppets

Then I embroidered two eyes(french knots) and a mouth.
I hot glued a nose which was a tiny pink craft pompom.

Finally I blanket stitched round the edge of the two body/head segments, catching in the ears folded over at the base.

Rabbit finger puppets

Happy weekend.

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