Saturday, 15 October 2011

Festive in October, oh my word!!

Cards and festive felt

What has come over me!
 I got an email from MOO (presumably after ordering these), saying I could have a reduction and the next thing I knew I had ordered some cards for christmas. I have never done this before.
 The process was very easy and a few days later this came through the post..
A little box from MOO

And then I was asked to do my 'usual' craft activity at the school fair in November so I decided to get a few red and green supplies so that I can do some experimenting and try and come up with a new twist on the badges of the last couple of years.
 Last time I underestimated the amount of help the little ones need with any actual sewing so I plan to keep it simple.
Has anyone else got any tips or ideas?

Festive supplies

And the gorgeous flower spikes on the pineapple sage are just coming out
and match in rather well!

Pineapple sage

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