Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Using some recycled fabric and scraps

You may remember the pile of fabric for recycling that I showed you in my last post,
well some of it has been put to use so I thought I would share the results.

The first project is a shoulder bag made as a present.
This was made from a pair of trousers combined with a strip of this gorgeous Brandon Mably fabric called Lazy Daisy Charcoal and a scrap of spotty brown for the pocket.

The lining was a recycled pyjama top with a Lazy Daisy Charcoal pocket and the handles some cotton webbing.

I decided to reinforce the top edge with some grosgrain ribbon that I picked up in a charity shop.
I am hoping this will help the bag to hold it's shape a bit. 

Next is a very simple shower bag to take swimming.
This was made from a piece of leftover oilcloth fabric which Mum made a table cloth out of.
I'm not sure of the make, sorry.

And finally, a recycled curtain.
I just folded it in half and sewed up two sides before adding some simple ties.

It is filled with half an old single duvet folded in half..

and is well used already.
In fact it probably needs a wash
 but I am determined to ignore all housework that needs doing today and sew instead!!

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