Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Wedges

I have already blogged about the Angry Cushion on the left, and today I finished the one on the right, Summer Wedges.
The pair of them are now sitting on the sofa looking very bright and cheerful.

This one started with 36, 10 degree wedges sewn together to form a ring.
I then turned under the edges and appliqued the whole thing onto a
 25" square piece of pinky-purple linen.

I used some wadding to back the panel and did some circular quilting in the centre and around the edge of the wedges to hold it all together.

The reverse is made from the remaining piece of purple velvet with a concealed zip
as for the Angry Cushion. 

I was lucky enough to have had a whole day of sewing with not a lot else on, bliss.

The second project was to make a new peg bag
as last years was looking a bit sad.

This time I used old jeans to make the back and top sections,
with stitch and flip on the bottom panel as before.
(My tutorial can be found here).

I managed to use the waist band for the top section and so I didn't even have to hem it, sneaky!

When I went out to get pictures of the cushions the new peg bag was already in use
 and  I like this 'real life' picture with the birthday bunting still up
 and waiting for another June birthday in a few days.
Have a good week.

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