Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Angry Cushion

I was going to call it the Cross Cushion because of the crosses (surprise surprise!) but then I decided it would be a really good size for having a pillow fight with so now it's the Angry Cushion.
Always useful with two teenagers in the house which we will have as of this week.

Apart from helpfully deciding to put it on his head when I was trying to get some pictures,
 he has already spent a large part of the afternoon on the sofa lying on it,
while watching Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother!

Anyway back to the cushion..

I started with this piece of simple patchwork,
 and then I went and had a birthday and  Mum got me this..

A gorgeous book,
 Wild Blooms and Colorful Creatures by Wendy Williams.
And I also got some felt and coton perle to go with it.

So I just had to try out some of the 'Wild Blooms' from the book.

As luck would have it
the felt squares almost perfectly matched the cross patchwork I had been making.

Once I had added the applique on the white squares,
I quilted the panel onto a piece of wadding using some Gutterman Sulky variegated thread
which is lovely. The quilting was straight lines and very simple.

The reverse of the cushion is made from a piece of purple velvet
that has been in my stash for a while. I thought it would make it nice and soft.
 I made a sort of pleat to cover the zip which I have read about somewhere but  just made it up with what I had.

The cushion pad was a 24" square, and if I'm honest it could do with being a couple of inches bigger but it will do.

So that's about it, one Angry cushion.


Eton said...

Nice textile work and the designs on the pillow are beautiful. Quilting has grown tremendously in the past 15 - 20 years, and while there are still "rules" when making traditional quilts, there are also a lot of options for non-traditional styles that are less restrictive.

Robert Green

Textile-tally said...

Thank you. I just love the colours and simple designs.