Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Colour Wheel of Wedges

I have been playing with the wedges, arranging and rearranging them on the floor.
They are ten degree wedges cut with a ruler from strips of 8" fabric.
In the end I opted for a colour wheel separated by white strips.
At the moment I have just tacked the edges under
but the plan is a second cushion to go with this one which is getting well used already on the sofa.
It is such a beautiful day here in Cornwall and I just had to get some photos in the garden.
I enjoyed experimenting with pictures and seeing how the wheel changes in different settings.

This blue pot of geraniums is brightening up the back door step.

Blue sky, white clouds, green hedges and fields
 (and a willing model, well sort of!).

Self seeded Calendula around the vegetable beds.  

In the shade of the wisteria on the bleached wood of the garden table.

And finally last night,
on some rotten wood next to the Valerian which has self seeded on a wall.
Not quite in time to catch the setting sun which sneaked away behind a cloud.

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