Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer Garden Cushion

Another cushion!
This time a 21" cover filled with a 22" cushion pad and it was just the right size.
The slightly bigger pad means that the corners are all filled properly.

 The front was made from some more 10 degree wedges,
 this time sewed together 'top to tail' if you know what I mean.
Then I just sliced up the strip into various widths and used the white to outline them. 

The reverse is made from linen with a zip concealed under a flap.
I really like this way of making the reverse as it seems to hold it's shape well. 

This one is not destined for the sofa but is a present for our neighbour.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how you put that zip in - it's very neat..

Textile-tally said...

I'll show you!