Sunday, 25 May 2014

Learning from my mistakes..

This is my Jolly Molly made and blogged here not so long ago.
I used an old blanket to pad it with as I have done before without any problem.
Unfortunately this  time it must have been 100% wool I think and it shrunk badly (or well!) in the wash and the result is fairly useless.

So now this little lot is sitting on my sewing table ready to be put together.
I have used some left over wadding from my last quilt instead of the blanket this time.
I am also planning to quilt it by appliqueing the flowers on through all the layers.
I will be following my usual method which I put in a tutorial here if you want to have a go too.
Results to follow. 

And this is the other thing sitting on the table ready to go..
a new doorstop for the back door.
A friend gave me this lovely herringbone wool fabric
 and it is just the right weight to make a sturdy doorstop.

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Anonymous said...

I think this will be easier to sew - the blanket makes it very thick and a bit difficult to bend. D.