Monday, 19 May 2014

Flag it up!

It's finished!
This is a quilt that I've been working on for a while and the scrappy triangle blocks are made using the excellent tutorial by Ashley at FITF.
If you haven't found her website already you are in for a treat.
 Quilts, clothes, tutorials, household stuff and a shop,  it's great.  

She calls her quilt the Nautical quilt but mine reminded me of flags as I tried to get photos and it flapped around in the breeze.

I backed it with this grey spotted cotton poplin which I really like...

and bound it with a red which I can't find the name of, but was from Truro fabrics.

I think it would make a good cushion too.

I know the quilting lines aren't even but then nor are the flags.
I haven't done much straight line quilting before but I like the effect.
Washing the quilt when it was finished, really helped to sort of crinkle it up evenly.

The bright colours were fun to photo on a bright sunny day
with lots of blue sky and fresh green leaves.

And while I was out catching the late afternoon light,
 I picked up the eggs and some parsley for a quick tea of omelettes,

 because it was a bit late to start anything more complicated!

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