Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bits and Bobs

Woops this is the wrong way up but never mind!
I have been quilting the scrappy triangles.
I tried using some lovely multi-coloured thread and quilted around the triangles first
but that got unpicked, it looked all wrong.
Then I did some straight lines which I haven't used before,
 quilted using the walking foot and they are by no means even but I quite like them anyway.
I certainly won't be unpicking these as it would take hours!

Now I need to trim the edges and bind it- will keep you posted.

I was given this lovely tiny pin cushion by a friend last week.
She made the felted ball herself.

I love it and am hoping it might save me finding pins in my cuffs when I'm out shopping!
I can see myself forgetting I'm wearing it though too which could be a laugh.

I took this photo of a lilac tree in the garden today.
The tree was a present about 5 or 6 years ago and it is just beautiful.

I wish you could smell it too.
I will be picking some for the house now that the tree is big enough.

And finally, a bit more purple from this patch of self seeded chives in the gravel.
The original clump of chives were in a raised bed but they self seeded and I can't bring myself to pull them out as they are so pretty.

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