Monday, 17 June 2013

Playing with colours

The next crochet project- granny squares
I have started making some Granny Squares with a view to a blanket (I think).
I played around with a few colour combination ideas to begin with and have opted for red borders and a bit of white somewhere in the square.
Will keep you posted. 
Shoulder bag for a friend
I have also been making this shoulder bag.
It wasn't easy to photograph but you get the gist.
 The handles are also black linen (left over from the dress) and are about 16" long so that it sits at about waist height if worn over the shoulder.
I like making the tabs along the bottom and playing with the colours.
Bag lining (recycled shirt) and pocket (Brandon Mably fabric)

It is lined with this orange and white striped shirt (recycled)
 with a pocket (Brandon Mably fabric). 

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