Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sussed it!

The pattern mentioned in my last two posts from the Poppy Treffry book, Free and Easy Stitch Style.
This time I made a small purse as a present for a little chap.
 I appliqued a bug and a bird from some Urban Zoologie fabric I got from Fabric Rehab a while ago now.
The bug is on the front..

Purse front.
 a birdie on the back..
Purse reverse!
and a little apple tucked under the flap..
Another small purse made using the Poppy Treffry technique.

And the chrysanthemums have come out.
I was given a small clump of these a couple of years ago and they are just a great colour at this time of year when most other things are over.
And the best bit is my little clump has grown and is nearly big enough to give a bit to someone else.

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