Monday, 15 October 2012

Evie the Elf

I have been making the Elf I mentioned in my last post.
Instead of doing the sensible thing and buying the Christmas Book, I bought the spring one (because I wanted the rabbit pattern) and have been improvising from the Witch pattern.
The book is called 'Crafting Springtime Gifts' by Tilda.

What I failed to think about was the size of her nose.
It started like this..
Before the plastic surgery (this is an Elf not a Witch!)

but I thought it looked a bit big for an Elf and so did a bit of 'plastic' surgery.

I also made a bit of a hash of her shirt which was covered with a lovely pinnafore dress for the Witch, but looked a tad revealing on Evie and suggested she had eaten too many pies (or christmas puddings)!

The first attempt at a shirt!!

After a few alterations, Evie is now suitably dressed for her duties of helping Santa and happily posed for a garden photo shoot in a sunny spell between the showers...
Evie on the hedge
And again
On the hedge.
Evie dangling from the buddleia
Dangling from the Buddleia.
Evie in the Rosemary
In the Rosemary.
Evie in the bay tree
In the bay tree.
Evie on the Holly (Ouch!)
And finally in the Holly Tree, ouch!!

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