Friday, 5 October 2012

Escaped to the loft!

It's been busy around here lately but today I have had a lovely few hours catching up with Downton Abbey and sewing in my little bit of loft space.
I made a purse for a present.

I know that probably most people now make puses with concealed seams but even though I think I have mastered the technique I still prefer to do them like this because I find the zip just 'sits' better.
I had fun with the inner pocket but left the outside more plain.
Pocket detail on lining
 The sweet peas are still flowering beautifully.

The sweet peas are still going!

There are some late antirrhinum doing their best

Some late antirrhinum

And the Hollyhock is sagging a bit with the rain.

Raindrops on the Hollyhock

I bought a Tilda book this week and am off to play with it now.
I'll share the results later.
Have a good weekend.

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