Sunday, 28 October 2012

Purses and Puddings!

I have been making a purse from the Poppy Treffry book that I mentioned in my last post.
The technique is so brilliantly nifty and a new one on me.
I used a pair of old jeans and my scrap box, and lined it with part of an old skirt..

Call-off-the-search purse from pattern in 'Free and easy stitch style' by Poppy Treffry
Unfortunately, although the instructions were generally very clear and easy to follow, there was one diagram that I misinterpreted.
When the purse was finished and looking lovely, I opened it up to find a row of upsidedown bunting under the flap!!!
 Not what was planned or what the finished picture in the book showed.
Inside of purse that I got a bit wrong!!

If I had applied my brain a little more I would have worked this out, but because the technique was new to me, I blindly followed the instructions without thinking much at all.
Never mind, this one will have to be for me.
Next time I will be more aware of which bit ends up where and I will definitely be using the pattern again.

Off out for lunch and taking these beauties..
Ginger biscuit base, cream and fromage frais in the middle and a layer of blackcurrant puree.
(Recipe adapted from one in the September Waitrose magazine I was given).
 It's very quick and easy - my sort of pudding!

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