Sunday, 25 September 2016

Still here..

It has been a very busy few months here which left little time for blogging but things are starting to settle down and here I am!

Tally finding a stone

It was a gorgeous sunny morning here so I ventured outside with some stuff to get pictures and Tally came along to "help". I just love this picture of her rummaging for a stone and completely oblivious of the stir she was causing with the cows.

On to crafting....

WIP crochet blanket

The crochet blanket has continued to grow with a big stripy border and it is nearly about the size it needs to be so I am contemplating the edging. The nosey cows came to take a look too!

Inquisitive neighbours!

And on the sewing front there have been a few small projects that I failed to photograph but this is the main bigger one. A quilt top inspired by a quilt called "Summer Chelsea" from the book Kaffe Quilts Again. I think it was designed by Pauline Smith.

WIP quilt top

I have used recycled shirts for the background as usual with appliqued shapes added on top.

And finally the garden. Lots of successes but also lots of weeds due to mild neglect but I am slowly learning to plant more carefully to minimise the amount of time that needs to be spent on it. I love being in the garden but it's all a matter of juggling the balls if you know what I mean?

Apple harvest

The apples are good this year and we are collecting them up ready to be taken to Derek for juicing.
Someone sneaked in while I was getting a picture and tried to steal one!!!!

Tally nicked one!

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