Monday, 30 May 2016

Another lovely sunny day...

WIP- crochet blanket
This blanket is still slowly on the go. I have run out of grey and am considering the next border at the moment. Maybe some tiny granny squares of some sort?


More about the start of the blanket here.

Also finished this week were these curtains for our folding camper.
The first pair were one of my list of recent sewing disasters as they were completely the wrong colour to go with the green and cream of the canvas but these are much better.
Even better the main fabric was a remnant that was already in the cupboard and I managed to match in the pale green and white spots which I love.

curtains for the folding camper

The little red ties are made with the original fabric which was Cath Kidston
and there is plenty left for a few cushions, oh and a draft excluder I made for a friend!

curtains for the folding camper
 And this is our wisteria- after about 7 or 8 years it is finally starting to cover the pergola we made and looking and smelling gorgeous. That's the 'royal we' really, my husband and his uncle made it and I just made the tea!!! We were lucky enough to have some old telegraph poles to recycle and they form the corner posts. There is one white and one blue wisteria and I added a Clematis Montana last year which is doing a much quicker job of covering the other side.

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