Saturday, 5 November 2016

Eek mice!!

I went on a short trip to London this week for work but spent the three hour train journey happily sitting doing crochet!
I have always loved the beautiful wreaths made by Lucy at Attic24 and was planning to have a go at a Christmas one last year but it was one of those things that needed far more time than I had anticipated so it has turned into a 2 year project.
WIP- christmas wreath base.

 Thankfully this time I have a head start as the main wreath has already been covered so its just the fun bits and bobs to do.
I started by making some "jolly holly" the pattern for these is here at Attic24.

 I have also made a couple of weeny pompoms but will need more of these
 to make enough holly berries.

I found these absolutely gorgeous mice on Pinterest.
There is a free pattern on a blog called LucyRavencar-Crochet Creatures found here.
This is a new blog for me and I will certainly be going back for a better look.

two little mice

 I found the first mouse a bit of a nightmare to be honest
but I have never done any amigurumi so it was all very new. 
The most helpful bit of advice was to mark the beginning of each round
 and I used a little safety pin for this.
The wreath is still very much a work in progress but there should hopefully be plenty of time to get it finished this year and on the door!

A quick fix of sewing finished this little cushion which I am now sitting on..
patchwork cushion

 And the other finish up has been the flower garden blanket...

Flower garden blanket

 I started this back in May and the flower block pattern was in an issue of Making Magazine described here.

WIP flowery blanket

After completing the central panel I decided to do a big border.
It's funny how sometimes the unplanned bit turns out to be your favourite, do you find that?

Flower garden blanket

The edging is again one from Lucy at Attic24 and the tutorial is here.
She used it to edge her Cosy Blanket which I made last year and I love the way the edging just gives it a bit of structure holding the blanket flatter somehow.

Flower garden blanket

This blanket is destined for the camper but is in use on the sofa at the moment and I can't see it going anywhere else before spring.

Flower garden blanket

I hope that you have had time for some crafting too.

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