Tuesday, 7 October 2014

ta daa.. the blue dress

This was my first attempt at getting a picture with the self timer!

That's better.
The dress pattern is from the Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori.
 It's a Japanese pattern book with 26 patterns in it for tops and dresses. I expect most of you know about it as it has been around for a while now, but for those who don't, the patterns are all on paper sheets and need tracing off. This bit is quite confusing, but you definitely get used to it the more you do. The other thing I didn't realise at first is that there is no seam allowance and this needs to be added on to the pattern pieces.
That said, the patterns that I have used so far have been really good.
 I suspect it is one of those books that gets better the more you use it.
This pattern was very simple.
I cut a size 12 and it is probably a bit on the big side if anything.
 It said you need 2.2m of fabric but I managed with 1.5m of fairly wide linen, and I had plenty.

It is super comfortable to wear.
I'm not sure it needs all the gathers in the back as the linen is quite thick so I might take a bit out but we'll see how it goes.
Definitely a pattern that I will be using again.

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