Sunday, 20 July 2014

Skirts and Flowers

Two new skirts for the summer, made using my well loved and used pattern by New Look 6053.
I have shaved half an inch off the waist edge and added an inch to the bottom of view E.
It is straight forward and very quick.
The fabric was bought online from The Village Habberdashery and they were great.
The blue one is Desert Flower in Navy by Hatbox. It's a lovely thickish cotton
and I haven't bothered lining it.
Don't look at the lack of matching down the side seam, I didn't have enough fabric to do that!
And if I'm totally honest there is a corner patch on the back aswell, but shhhhhh!!
What would Patrick and May say!!!!

 The brown is Ume on Russian Caravan.
This is a fabric designed by Umbrella Prints, an Australian Company.
Their fabrics are just gorgeous but not easy to get hold of here in the UK until more recently.
Again this skirt is unlined.

A couple of headless shots so you can see them on.

And in the garden at the moment...



Hydrangea pots 

Sweet peas growing up the shed.

And finally a WIP -
a holiday bag made from some scraps of the Umbrella Prints fabric.
It's nearly that time of year again.

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