Monday, 16 September 2013

Rosy Red Apples

14.9.13 011b
The apples are good this year and I particularly like this tree because of the rosy red apples.
I have taken one load already to be pressed by someone in a nearby village
and can't wait to taste the juice.
14.9.13 014b

I have also made a phone case this time for me.
14.9.13 017b

The fabric came from my Mum and was in a sale in Plymouth (thanks Mum)
so I am not sure of the name,
 but having just looked it up I think it is
 Acorn Chain in Berry by Joel Dewberry for the binding.
And the other one is Amy Butler's deco dots in citrine from the Gypsy Caravan Collection by Rowan.

Long and complicated names for what I thought looked like green and red apples!

14.9.13 018b

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