Friday, 31 May 2013

Bunting and Embarrassing Shorts

A bit of hooky in the sunshine. Making bunting for Lucy over at Attic24.

I have been enjoying the sunshine and having fun doing some outside hooky.
If you haven't already heard, Lucy over at attic24 is looking for bunting producers and I can thoroughly recommend having a go. It's a great way to use up some leftover yarn.

A Basket full of leftover yarn

Her tutorial is very straight forward to follow.
My favourite bit is the blocking as I have never done this before and it's a bit magic.

Here is the curly flag before..

Bunting before blocking

after blocking...

Bunting after blocking

She gives you all the information on how to do it.

I have also done a couple of quick projects.

The first made my children laugh.... alot!

I often cut off a pair of worn out jeans to make shorts for gardening in the summer and this year started with these..

This years gardening shorts-before

 and after a bit of binding ended up with these.

Gardening shorts-after. This made my children laugh.. alot!

I thought they were rather nice but oh no, I have been soundly corrected on that one!

I don't care though because no one else will see them anyway and what the heck.
Or maybe I should wear them up to school when they need picking up?!!

The second project was more acceptable (apparently) and is a pencil/phone/general tat case for my rucsac for work.

New pencil/phone/general tat collection bag to go in my rucsac for work
Have a good weekend.

Zip and lining detail

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