Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Swirly Blue Skirt

Another skirt
This wasn't supposed to be a skirt.
I bought this lovely fabric from The Village Habberdashery.
It arrived the next day (so speedy, how do they do that!) and I really like it but it wasn't what I expected.
I looked at the fabric on the website and in my mind the pattern was alot smaller and I had intended to make a shirt.

Going back to the website now I realise that hovering over the fabric brings up a much better view of the actual print size, duh!! What a pillock.
view of the circles from above.
Anyway I love the skirt so no worries.

I have finally perfected the pattern to fit me (New Look 6053) by making a size too big and trimming off the top a bit.
The fabric comes in other colours too and I really want to have a go at a dress....

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