Monday, 15 April 2013

Two cards and a commission!

I don't make things to sell generally.
I have tried in the past doing a couple of craft markets and making for a gallery but somehow it takes the joy out of my making.
I am lucky enough to have a job that I enjoy and that earns me a wage, and my sewing and making is done purely for relaxation and pleasure.
 I like sharing and helping others to find pleasure in sewing for themsleves.
I like to make things for people I know, often pondering about them as I make.

Anyway, I was recently asked by someone if I would make a birthday card on commission.
 As I know the person for whom it was intended, I readily agreed.
I did lots of looking around for ideas but couldn't really find what I was after.
Then I called in at Mum's and she had a lovely snowdrop card, handmade by a friend, using a sort of quilting type of idea.
So having sketched out my idea for a picture, found an old white linen shirt, a piece of wadding and some scraps I set to work.
The result was this..

Handmade birthday card
It was really fun to do.
So I did another one..

Handmade birthday card
for my Dad!

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