Friday, 5 April 2013

Sampler quilt finally finished

Despite the windy day, I managed to get some photos of my finished sampler quilt.
I started it back in August 2012 when I bought a charm pack (I think that's what you call it, squares to you and me) of fabric by Moda called 'Ten Little Things'.

A pack of 'Ten Little Things' by moda

I wanted to use just the one pack and an old white sheet and see what I could come up with.
I turned to Gwen Marton's Liberated Quiltmaking II for inspiration, and off I went. 
Just starting to play with the new pack of squares ('Ten Little Things' by Moda) and looking to my favourite Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston for inspiration.
The blocks grew slowly one here and one there..
Quilt is growing too
Trying out new ideas and techniques as I went..
A make shift design wall
When I had used all the bits I could, I pieced them together using various strips as fillers..
Liberated sampler-WIP
Then as usual it took me a while to get quilting.
 I decided all the white needed a bit of colour and texture, and I had seen some lovely Kantha Quilts which I liked. So that was the inspiration for the colurful quilting..
Sampler quilt. Starting to quilt 'kantha' style.
It was a good project that I could sit and do by hand but it did take a while to finish.
So 8 months after it began, here is the finished quilt.
Finished sampler quilt
Bound with a red and white spotted fabric (not sure of the make sorry) and then washed and dried in the sunshine. 
Finished sampler quilt
Now I need to try and get on with the cartwheels but it may take a while so don't hold your breath!!

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