Monday, 7 January 2013

New year new project

Three friends going away until next year
Three friends are now packed away in a box until next year.
Lavender flower
I added a little lavender flower to keep them company and smelling nice. 
Playing with cartwheels- Rowan fabric and shirts.
And now I'm playing with these cartwheels from a brilliant tutorial found
here and written by Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts
Playing with cartwheels- Rowan fabric and shirts.
I am using Rowan fabrics and various plains from my stash for the cartwheels, and recycled shirts for the backgrounds.
The tutorial is really clear and easy to follow and they come together fairly fast,
which is always a bonus. I think i'm going to do some more plains next.
More pictures when I have got a bit further and the light is better.

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