Monday, 21 January 2013

A new dress and some sunshine.

It's been a bit cold and dark around here for the last couple of weeks but today the sun came out briefly and I went for a walk.

Sunshine in the trees
The suncoming through the trees was great to see.
And I love how the moss makes a 'mini forest' on the floor of the wood..
Forrest floor
For some strange reason I decided to make a summer dress for my daughter last weekend.
Maybe I just wanted to think about summer and ignore the fact that it is cold, wet and dark.
I haven't got a picture of her in it although she has worn it all weekend with tights and a long sleeved top so I think she likes it! 
Dress from New Look Pattern 6457
It's a halter neck style, although the pattern has various tops. I shortened the length by a good 4 inches but otherwise it was straight from the pattern, New Look 6457.

New Look Pattern 6457

I have also done some more cartwheels and started to join them up. 
The widmills are coming on

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