Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dog's bed from old cords

I made a peace of patchwork fabric from old cords a year ago now posted here. It was going to be a curtain but just never quite made it.
Then I needed a new cover for the dog's bed and it seemed like the perfect thing.
Dog's beds from old cords
 I liked it so much that I made a second for my friend's dog too for christmas..
Dog's bed from old cords
It is made up of a simple rectangular bag with four ties to secure the opening.
I fill ours with half an old duvet (literally just cut in half and stuffed in although I'm sure it would be neater to sew it up)!
Dog's beds from old cords
A cosy dog's bed and a happy dog especially if it's put it in a sunny spot or in front of the fire.

Dog's bed from recycled fabric and an old duvet

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Anonymous said...

I hope I'm getting good at this commenting lark! What a very lucky dog - the bed looks very posh and expensive. We'll have to collect trousers now as well as shirts.