Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wiggly bags.

I found this tutorial while on Flossie Teacakes and thought that it looked like a brilliant thing to do with some bits of stash.
Wiggly bags are used to hold the central line for children undergoing cancer treatment.

I have made these 5 so far but I think I will do some more as they are very easy and satisfying to do as well as being for such a worthwhile cause.

Wiggly bags

I have now got the shirt pattern and am getting there slowly.
 Florence's recent post on following pattern instructions made me laugh as I am struggling to undersatnd mine!
It is a while since I made clothes other than the odd simple skirt. I seem to remember dress patterns being a similar challenge, but that was 20 odd years ago at university!!

Anyway, I will get back to it and keep you posted.
Happy weekend.

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