Sunday, 13 November 2011

Is that a Herd of Reindeer in the Hedge?!

A Herd of Reindeer in the Hedge!

I have now completed 9 reindeer for the fair,

Gathered Clutch from pattern by Noodlehead

And two more Gathered Clutch purses from the pattern I mentioned by Noodlehead. Well actually there were three more purses but one has already been snaffled by my daughter!
I have been putting in small pockets instead of the divider and card holder which makes them a bit quicker and I can finally say that after my fourth purse I can now do the tab ended zip bit with confidence!
It did take three partially correct ones first though, but I am hoping that a man on a galloping horse and all that..

Gathered Clutch pocket detail

And finally this weekend, I have started another couple of hot water bottle covers..


Happy sunny weekend!

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