Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Festive badges and Clutch bags.

Here are the prototypes for the school chrismas fair badges. I have been madly cutting out the bits and the only sewing involved is the nose or central button (and even the nose could be hot glued for the weanies). The eyes are made from split pins and the mouth is drawn on using a fabric marker. All the pieces are then hot glued together. The circular badges are just held together by the central button. I think that I mentioned that having done a more ambitious sewing project in the past I realised that I need to keep it simple.

Christmas badges for school fair

I have had a lovely morning of sewing today despite the awful weather outside. I have been trying out a couple of clutch bags to go with my outfit for the wedding we are going to.

Clutch purses. Top one is from a pattern by Keyka Lou Patterns and lower one from online pattern by Noodlehead.

(Photos not great sorry as the light isn't good!)
The top one is from a pattern by Keyka Lou Patterns. 

The lower one is from an online pattern for a 'Gathered Clutch' by Noodlehead.

They were both really well explained patterns and made up just as expected.
I found the zip quite tricky on the gathered clutch but I really love it and am determined to get the hang of the zips with the tab ends.
With this in mind I cut out three more last night while watching Julie Walters in The Jury!!
I think that they will make lovely presents.

More clutches to come (Noodlehead pattern)

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