Monday, 29 August 2011

Apple harvest.

Apple tree 2011

The apples have been fantastic this year. Two trees worth have given us 80 bottles of juice!
I think that I should definitely get on and make at least a wall hanging with my apple blocks in celebration. I have started to add some uneven log cabin as we were taught. I have gone for blue (for sky) and green (for grass and trees) which is a bit brighter than the original but I think they will be ok.
Not sure why I put the sky on the floor!!
Apple blocks with edges

The hydrangeas are out..


And there are a few blackberries in this one that will go well with the apples (but are actually there because of my lack of weeding!)

Just a few blackberries amoung the hydrangea

I have also been studying the girls for another cushion..



SM and P

Mmmmm, which one will I do next.

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