Sunday, 21 August 2011

Apples and Sunshine..

I had a lovely day at Cowslip yesterday with my friend from Sewshoddy when we learnt how to applique apples with a view to making a quilt. I got this far..

Apples from Cowslip course

and am now wondering if I could do apples from our five trees as they are all different varieties.
They looked quite at home here..

Apples in the apple tree

I have started a little French cushion using some of the finds from holiday but haven't finished it yet..

A little French hen

And I have been harvesting the last of the lavender (leaving a clump for the bees) which looked rather pretty in this year's basket. It is becoming a bit of a tradition to bring a basket back from holiday. As to where they get put when we get home, that is a bit of  a sore point! They don't get in my way at all!!

Basket 2011!
I think it goes quite well with the lavender and helenium.

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