Monday, 25 July 2011

A pain in the neck!

I have used a wheat bag made from this tutorial over at Sew Mama Sew for a while now and have also made a few as presents for others. Appart from one person who managed to burn an impressive hole in one end of one, they seem to work well and I certainly use mine loads! I have been looking at a shaped pattern for a neck 'heat therapy pillow' in my Sewing Green book (by Betz White) and thought I would give it a go...

Neck cushion from pattern in Sewing Green (by Betz White)

The pattern is very simple and easy to follow. I didn't have any velcro as suggested for the removeable outer cover, so just sewed up the gap by hand and will unpick it if it needs washing (I'm not very patient!). I also added a ribbon tab to grab it with. It works really well and is good for neck pain as it stays in place better than the rectangular one. I didn't want to do any modeling so decided to use a tree branch instead of a neck but you get the gist!

Neck cushion from pattern in Sewing Green (by Betz White)

 Another sucessful pattern from one of my favourite sewing books.
Talking of trees, I was listening to the radio today about the early apple harvest in the uk and our trees are certainly laden this year and we have our first crop of pears (concorde) from two trees planted 2 years ago..



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