Saturday, 30 July 2011

Last minute...

We are off camping tomorrow and I suddenly decided that I didn't have quite the right bag to put all the bottles of shampoo, shower gel and sun cream in (as you do !!). So I found some French looking material in my stash, not sure what it is, but I think that it was donated to me by my friend over at Sewshoddy. So while I should have been packing and organising.... 

sponge bag

I then realised that despite making peg bags for lots of other people, I needed one to take with us as we have family, house sitting for us who will need the pretty pegs. So out came the material again, and I used a hook recycled from an old broken sponge bag, and voila - a camping peg bag!
camping pegs

It hangs ok from a rope so it should do the trick.
camping pegs

And finally.. I have a confession. I was given this shirt to recycle, which usually means that I chop it up to make something else. However, it didn't get that far as I have been wearing it all day. Does anyone else do that or is it just me?
a shirt for recycling

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Manu said...

Ha, caught in the act! Glad you are getting some use out of it one way or another. La mercerie is haberdashery in French I think, hope you have a lovely time and bring back lots of treasures.
A bientot, xxx